The Best Dog Food For Yorkies – Top 5 Picks And Reviews

Feeding a small breed dog can be a tough fight. I understand this as I have one too! They have different dietary needs, and it can be quite easy to either underfeed or overfeed them.

Yorkshire Terrier often referred to as ‘Yorkie” is a small dog with plenty of personality and spark. They have long, silky coat which is steel blue in color. Now coming to their food, Yorkies need special attention. Their stomach, in particular, is prone to many stomach problems. So if you are not careful, you might find yourself cleaning up a bunch of doggy’s mess.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this article, I will give you some facts which will help you find the best dog food for your Yorkie. You will also get to know the top 5 dog food brands for Yorkie.

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Nutritional Needs

best dog food for yorkies

Calories: Their caloric requirement is 200 cal (for puppies), 150 Cal (for adult dogs), and 120 Cal (for senior dogs).Yorkies being small dogs don’t need much calories or food. Aim for giving these calories in 3 different meals as opposed to 1 or 2.

Proteins: Yorkies need around 25 %-30% protein daily, and this should come from quality sources like chicken, lamb, beef, turkey and fish.​

Carbohydrates: Certain types of carbs found in dog foods can be hard on their stomach like soy and corn. Avoid them. Instead, go for sweet potatoes or rice as they are good sources of carbs.​

Fat: Yorkies are unexpectedly light on fats. They need good quality fats to maintain their shiny coats. Fish oil is one such good source of fat.​

Health Issues To Watch Out

best dog food for yorkies

Sensitive Tummies

As I already told you, Yorkies have sensitive tummies. So if you are not careful, they can turn into “walking poop machines.” And we don’t want that for sure! To avoid this from happening:

  • Feed her small meals more often.
  • If you want to change her food, do it slowly over several weeks.
  • Avoid giving him corn and soy.


Yorkies are more prone to hypoglycemia which means lower levels of blood sugar. The chances might increase if she remains too long without eating. Smaller dogs commonly have this issue, so if they skip their meals, it can cause a sugar crash in their body. So to avoid this:

  • Feed your dog with something she enjoys, so that she eats happily.
  • Divide her meals, so that she will be eating throughout the day.
  • At last, supplement the meals with a few healthy treats.

You know Yorkies are very smart. They learn very easily. Watch such smartness of a Yorkie puppy.

How To Choose The Best Dog Food For A Yorkie

There are many criteria which should be taken into consideration while choosing the best dog food for a Yorkie. Most important of them are:

  • Small Breed Formula
  • Preservatives
  • High-quality protein
  • Portion size
  • Dry vs. Wet

Yorkies are more prone to catch dental diseases if their teeth aren’t brushed and cleaned properly. So give your Yorkie dry dog food instead of wet and canned food as this would keep your Yorkie’s teeth clean and will fight against plaque that develops on her teeth.

Here Are Top 5 Dog Food Brands For Yorkie

This dog food has been framed typically for small breed dogs like Yorkie. All high-quality dog foods contain a high amount of protein, as adult dogs need it. But Wellness Complete Health has taken into consideration that Yorkies don’t need that much amount protein in their diet as other dogs need. This is because Yorkies are small and light weight.

Wellness Complete Health has a protein content of around 28% (which is enough for your Yorkie) as against other dog food brand’s protein content of 35%-40% which is too high for your Yorkie. Here are some pros and cons of this dog food.


  • Complete and balanced nutrition for your Yorkie.
  • It contains premium ingredients like chicken, deboned turkey, oatmeal, brown rice, spinach, and apples.
  • These premium ingredients make it rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E.
  • It has small kibble size.
  • This food will make your Yorkie’ poop smoother and regular.


  • A very few people have reported that their dog experienced diarrhea after eating this dog food.
  • I recommend this dog food for Yorkies as it contains all the required nutrients, vitamins, minerals for your Yorkie. I personally use this for my Yorkie and find it great. If you want to buy this dog food, you can buy it from

This dog food is an excellent choice especially if your Yorkie suffers from health issues like digestive problems, random vomiting, growth problems and stool irregularities. This is because of a dominant profile of this dog food which consists of all natural ingredients. This dog food is also free from all by-products that offer no nutritional benefits and are just empty calories.

Following are its pros and cons.


  • It has high-quality protein which helps in healthy muscle development and maintains those strong muscles.
  • Its “small-bite” kibble is perfectly sized for smaller jaws to help promote tartar removal which helps dental health.
  • Its Glucosamine supports healthy joint function and mobility.
  • This food has the optimal balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which promote healthy skin and coat.
  • It also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • This food builds a healthy immune system of your dog.


  • Some users of this dog food have noticed slight digestive issue.
  • It can also cause some skin infections and allergies.
  • It is not grain-free.
  • I found this dog food quite helpful for weak or sick dogs as it promotes joint health, dental health and boosts overall immunity. You can buy this dog food from

Royal Canin has developed a kibble just for Yorkies. This dog food is high in protein which makes it suitable for adult Yorkie. Yorkies are bit fussy, so this dog food is specially designed for your Yorkie.

The food has a pleasing aroma and intense flavors which stimulate their appetite. It contains the right amount of calories and a well-balanced amount of carbohydrates and fats. This dog food has specialized kibbles which help to reduce dental plaque and limits the tartar formation. The pros and cons of this dog food are as follows.


  • It contains omega 3 fatty acids which promote overall health.
  • This food is rich in protein which provides high energy.
  • The fatty acids of this food provide a silky coat and protect and nourish his long fragile coat.
  • The kibble is developed for Yorkie’s jaw.
  • It has a pleasing aroma and delicious flavor which stimulates the Yorkie’s appetite.


  • This product contains some by-products and wheat gluten also, which is not good for any dog.
  • It is an expensive dog food for your small Yorkie.
  • Its ingredients are hard to chew.
  • This dog food brand is very helpful if your Yorkie is a finicky eater as it has an appetizing aroma. It is rich in biotin and is overall a nutrient dense food. If you want to buy this product, visit

This dog food is specially designed for dogs that are suffering from skin irritations, skin rashes or have sensitive skin.This is because of the nutritional profile of this food which has all the properties that can help treat such ailments.

The first ingredient in this dog food is high-quality chicken which makes it a good option for your Yorkie. It has an adequate size of kibble which is small enough and easy to chew for your small Yorkie. Purina also doesn’t cause that ‘stinky breath” which other dog foods might cause. Read the following pros and cons of this dog food.


  • It has the required amount of protein to meet the needs of your highly active small Yorkie.
  • It has calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients which support strong teeth and bone health.
  • It's wheat bran acts as an excellent source of natural fiber which promotes digestive health.
  • The small sized kibble makes chewing easier for your dog.


  • This dog food has corn in it which many dog owners don’t give to their dogs.
  • The product is way too expensive.
  • It also doesn’t have any aroma or savory flavor.
  • Overall this dog food is of great help for dogs having skin issues. But yes, your dog might not like its taste as some users of this dog food has reported this issue. You can buy this dog food from

Natural Balance is another brilliant choice for Yorkies, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. A sensitive stomach can negatively respond to the artificial ingredients being sold out there as ‘” the best dog food.” The first three ingredients of this dog food are chicken, brown rice, and oats which make it best for sensitive stomachs.It contains an optimal balance of vital nutrients and premium proteins. Its pros and cons are


  • Keeps the immune system of your dog secure.
  • It supports a healthy and growing heart as it contains added taurine.
  • It is gluten-free and free of artificial flavors and colors.
  • This dog food promotes teeth and bone health of your Yorkie.
  • Supports neural or brain development as it contains optimal levels of DHA and EPA which come from marine sources.
  • Contains quality proteins to support healthy muscle development.


  • The kibble size is not small enough which is not ideal for Yorkies as they need small sized kibble.
  • The “not so small” size of kibble can cause digestion problems and vomit too.
  • This is a great dog food as it contains all natural ingredients. I had personally seen this dog food working for sensitive tummies of Yorkies. So if you want to own this dog food, you can buy it from


Out of the above top 5 brands of dog food, my final choice would be Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food. This dog food is just what your Yorkie needs. As the name suggests, Complete Health, it meets all the requirements of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and yes, the protein of course, which supports overall health.

best dog food for yorkies

What makes it the final choice?

Energy: It has three animal protein sources for high energy needs and strong muscles.

Weight: It has optimal calories to support healthy body weight.

Digestive Health: Probiotics, chicory root extract, and healthy fiber combine to support healthy digestion.

Eyes, Teeth, And Gums: Guaranteed levels of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin E which support healthy teeth and gums.

Immunity: Ingredients like high-quality proteins, Vitamin A and Vitamin E help in maintaining optimum health and a healthy immune system.

So here you see that this dog food supports the overall health of your dog. I feed this dog food to my Yorkie, and it works for her. I use it, and she loves it!!!


Hello there, I am an animal lover, especially of dogs. I have over two years experience of working and taking care of dogs in animal protection society. What I look forward to my share is useful to you, because I know you also love dogs. If you interested in my article, please share it with everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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