What Are The Best Toenail Clippers On The Market?

Using a nail clipper for trimming your dog’s nails is a difficult task. At times you also need to sedate your dog when trimming his nails. However, you can make this task easier by using proper technique and good quality toenail clippers.

But before buying the best nail clippers for your pet, you need to know some facts to make a well-versed buying decision. There are different kinds of nail clippers available in the market all serving different purposes. You need to get familiar with all these types and know the differences between them.

This article will help you make an unambiguous decision for getting the best toenail clippers after taking into consideration the reviews of different products available in the market.​

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How To Trim Dog's Toenails: Effective Technique

You may be wondering how to cut toenails of your beloved pet without hurting him. Usually, most of the dog owners face this dilemma and don’t know how to initiate the trimming process with their beloved pet.

This is because your dog may be reluctant and may pose difficulties for you. Many dog owners are fearful about cutting their dog’s nails. But no worries!! In the process of cutting toenails of your dog, it is very important to stay calm and relaxed. Your nervousness can mess up the whole situation.

Make sure that you don’t hurt your dog and even yourself during this process. In order to learn the effective way to trim your dog’s nails, watch this video. The video shows the step by step details of trimming dog’s nails. 

Different Types Of Nail Clippers Available

There are different types of nail trimmers available in the market these days. All these types are designed differently so as to serve various purposes. Some are ideal for small dogs and others for large dogs. The three different kinds of trimmers commonly used are as follows:

Guillotine Style Clippers

This Clipper is mostly used to cut nails of small dogs. It is very simple to use and works on the mechanism of a GUILLOTINE. All you need to do is: insert the nail into the small hole and then squeeze the handle.

What happens is, the blade slides crossways towards the hole and nail is trimmed. You will have to replace the blade time-to-time again because it gets ineffective with repeated use. It is not preferred to use for large sized dogs.

Scissor Clippers

Scissor Clippers are also known by the name of Miller’s Forge Trimmers. As the name suggests, these clippers work like scissors and are used preferably for large and medium sized dogs.

Large sized dogs have thicker nails that require greater force to cut them. Scissor Clippers serve this purpose. The blades of these clippers have semi- circular grooves.

Grinder Tools For Large Dogs

These clippers are specifically used for large dogs with thicker and harder nails. Grinding tools grind the excess nails entirely instead of clipping them.

Using The Nail Clippers

It is very important that you use the right kind of nail clipper for your dog when you set out to trim his nails. Keep the following points in mind associated with nail clipping:

  • Try to make it a natural activity so that your dog can feel comfortable about it.
  • Make sure you do not hurt your pet in the whole process.
  • Make your dog comfortable with the nail clippers.
  • The frequency of nail clipping depends on the routine activities of your pup. If your pet spends much time outdoors or walks on solid surfaces, then his nails will be apparently getting trimmed all the time. If he stays most of the time indoors, then you need to fix a definite schedule for nail clipping. A keen observation of nail growth patterns can help you determine the time of cutting his nails.
  • You can use some treats like your pet’s food to ensure smooth going of the nail clipping process.
  • Watch this video that shows how to clip dog nails

Best Nail Clippers Are The Easiest Way Out

In my opinion, one should always use best quality nail clippers for trimming the dog’s toenails. In light of this, I would love to share my personal experience with you. Every time I went to cut Jackie’s toenails, he freaked out. Due to his reluctance, I overlooked trimming his nails most of the time.

But later I realized, nail trimming is very important, and I had to do this. So, I tried every possible thing to make him comfortable with nail clippers. At first, I took help of various sedative measures to calm him. With time I succeeded in shattering his nervousness for nail clippers.

While employing the use of best nail clippers, consider these points:​

  • Do not clip the nails too short or too far. It causes pain and even bleeding in certain cases.
  • Do not panic while cutting your dog’s toenails.
  • Use the best and superior quality nail clippers.

Some Of The Best Products Available

Following are some of the best toenail clippers available:

  • Safari® Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer.
  • Millers Forge Pet Nail Clip.
  • Epica Pet Nail Clipper.
  • Andis Pet Animal Nail Clipper.
  • Simply Pets Pet Nail Clippers.

Product Reviews

Via Amazon

Safari dog nail clippers are one of the best nail clippers on in the market these days. Safari has been a very famous supplier of dog grooming products. This nail clipper is designed very well to promote user friendliness.

It is a simple, conventional nail clipper that will suit your requirements. If you want a set of professional traditional nail clippers, then Safari is an apt choice. I have mentioned a short list of pros and cons of this product so that you can make an unbiased choice:


  • It is built with high-quality stainless steel.
  • It is highly affordable.
  • It is suitable for large or medium sized dogs.
  • It has a safety stop feature to prevent injuries.
  • It has locking blades.
  • The rubber coated handles provide the ease of use and maintain excellent grip.
  • These nail clippers are very sharp.
  • It is highly durable nail clipper for proper pet grooming.


  • Maybe it is expensive for some of you, but it’s surely worth that price

Via Amazon

Millers Forge Pet Nail Clip is a different one! It is a plier type of nail clippers available for dogs. This product is loved by users because of its affordable price. The plier- style dog toenail clipper is durable and long lasting. This is preferably used for small dogs. The following are the pros and cons of this product which will help you make an informed and well- versed decision:


  • Plier- style nail clippers are the durable set of nail clippers loved by almost everyone.
  • It features spring- loaded cutting mechanism for positive cutting accomplishment.
  • It has a built-in guard that averts overcutting of toenails as you can control its movement.
  • It has a lock that keeps the trimmer in a closed position and enables storage and perfect maintenance.
  • It is suitable for small dogs.
  • Its stainless steel body makes it durable.
  • It is not very expensive.


  • It is not suitable for giant breeds and even medium sized canines because it cannot cut through their strong nails.
  • The handle is not comfortable enough and causes some troubles for the users.

Via Amazon

Epica nail clippers are considered to be one of the best nail clippers on in the market. This is one of my favorites too, and I use it for my pet. It is well- liked by everyone because of it is quite accurate and have easy cutting mechanism.

This professional dog nail clipper is fantastic because of its sharp and long- lasting blades. It’s a bit expensive, but in my opinion, it’s worth the cost! These nail clippers do an excellent job for your dog’s nails. It will give you an utmost ease of use without creating any troubles.

The handle is extremely comfortable that provides superior grip. It is suitable both for large and medium dogs. This product is very much popular among customers because of its lifetime guarantee.

All in all it is truly a remarkable product backed with excellent quality. Carefully examine the pros and cons of this dog food before making a buying decision:


  • It is a professional set of nail clippers with an easy cutting mechanism.
  • It ensures appropriate and accurate nail cutting for your pet.
  • It is suitable for both large and small dogs.
  • The blades of Epica nail clipper are made of high-grade stainless steel that ensures longevity.
  • The grip is very comfortable and secure; all credits to rubber- coated handles.
  • Clipper has locks that ensure safety.
  • The spacing between the blades is perfect for large and medium-sized canines.
  • It has 100% lifetime Warranty.


  • It is not suitable for small dogs.
  • The blades are extremely sharp, so caution should be taken while using it.

Via Amazon

Andis, a well-known company, designs the most efficient and traditional pet nail clippers. It is well suited to cater the requirements of almost all sizes of dogs. But you need to be very cautious when using it for small breeds. Study the pros and cons for the detail information about the product:


  • It is perfectly suitable for all sizes of dogs.
  • It has got a heavy-duty, stainless steel blades for long life.
  • It features spring- loaded mechanism.
  • The handle has ideal characteristics: Anti- slip, easy grip and comfortable rubber coating.
  • Overcutting is prevented by safety stop.


  • The design is basic and traditional with few new features.

Via Amazon

Simply pets offer you great quality nail clippers that are professional, error free and traditional at the same time. Customers simply love the dog grooming products for its amazing features.

These nail clippers have sharp blades which are great because it ensures durability. One thing that you must take note of is, company’s claim of the product being designed by veterinarians themselves!!

The product is very expensive; that is why many customers do not buy it. You may also like to read the pros and cons of this product to make an unbiased decision:


  • The nail clippers are designed in a professional manner to ensure error free results.
  • The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp.
  • The product features locking blades for convenient storage.
  • The rubber- coated handles provide comfort in use.


  • The product is very expensive and out of reach of many people.


I have tried to mention the reviews of all the highly- rated and reviewed products so that you can make an excellent choice.

In my opinion, nail clippers by Epica is an apt choice for your dog. It is a supreme quality nail clipper that gives you a comfort of use and has all the amazing features that an ideal nail clipper must possess. It creates the least troubles for you and your pet. The blades are sharp and pointed that ensures exceptional results.

I have been using this product for many years, and I am totally contented with the quality. But remember to use it cautiously because it has sharp edges.​


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