Ever Wonder Why Dogs Lick Each Other? Know It Here

Nothing can be cuter than a dog affectionately licking his doggy pal. Really, nothing. And every enthusiastic dog lover would find that sight blissful. But on the other hand, you must have wondered that why do dogs lick each other so much? The most popular and obvious conclusion that pops up in our mind is that it is a sign of affection and love. 

Have a look on this video and see dogs having fun while licking each other.

The body language and context of your dog are key factors in finding out his behavior. And while your dog licking another dog could be a loving and tender gesture, but that is only the one reason. There can be multiple reasons behind your dog licking another one. Let’s have a look at them.

Do Dogs Have Nightmares? (The Fact That Many Dog Owners Are Wondering)

Are you inquisitive about knowing the reason behind the strange sounds that your dog makes while he’s sleeping? As a dog owner, almost every one of you must have noticed kicking, twitching or sleep barks of your dog when he stretches out on his carpet for a good, sound sleep.

It may leave you thinking that do dogs really dream, and if they do then do they have nightmares too? If you want to know the answer to this query, then you are on the right track.

Keep reading ahead to get your answer to whether dogs have nightmares? Also, find out how to deal with your pet if he really has terrible dreams!

What Are The Best Toenail Clippers On The Market?

Using a nail clipper for trimming your dog’s nails is a difficult task. At times you also need to sedate your dog when trimming his nails. However, you can make this task easier by using proper technique and good quality toenail clippers.

But before buying the best nail clippers for your pet, you need to know some facts to make a well-versed buying decision. There are different kinds of nail clippers available in the market all serving different purposes. You need to get familiar with all these types and know the differences between them.

This article will help you make an unambiguous decision for getting the best toenail clippers after taking into consideration the reviews of different products available in the market.​

How To Fatten Up A Dog?

Are you concerned about the continuous falling physique of your dog? Is he getting thinner and thinner everyday? If the answer is yes, then you might be the one who is responsible for his plight. The repeated loss in physique can occur due to a multiplicity of causes.

These range from poor eating habits to severe diseases like diarrhea. Here we will take you through a complete guide on fattening up your dog and making him much stronger all through basic and general changes in his daily routine.

How To Sedate A Dog Without Harming Him?

When does your dog need to be put under sedation?? Or, what compels you to sedate your dog?? Well, there can be many occasions when sedating the pet becomes relevant.

  • When taking your dog to vet for some medical treatments (that’s quite obvious why dogs need sedation here).
  • When traumatic situations happen and you need to calm him when he becomes anxious and requires tranquilization.
  • When he is a peevish pet fretting you time and time again with his ill-temperateness.
  • While grooming him; trimming toenails, giving clipper training.
  • Soothing his noise anxiety, travel anxiety and what not!

Can Dogs Eat Plum? ( “Can Dogs Eat” Series )

Plums! A delicious fruit with a lot of benefits and added nutrients is often considered a delicious treat by everyone. An all-rounder fruit which can be a great thing when mashed or when added to a pie, cookie or cake.

Plum is a multipurpose fruit that is loved by everyone. However, does this saying goes fit for a dog too? Do they found this fruit as juicy and healthy as a human? Let’s find out!

The answer is dogs cannot and should not eat plums, but there is only one secretive way in which plums become healthy for dogs. Let’s find that way.

Can Dogs Eat Crab? ( “Can Dogs Eat” Series)

Crabs, the wholesome seafood, are quite popular and admirable among masses due to its rich nutritive quality. This “MUCH LOVED” meal is nourished with high proteins, vitamins & minerals and is full of tank n flavors.

Moreover, it contains very less fat. But there are certain dilemmas: Can your dogs also eat crabs?? Would your dog also love his bowl full of crab meat?? Is crab a healthy option for dogs?

The answer is: Yes…but no!! Wait, let me not confuse you!! Yes, crab is a healthy dietary option for your dog, but some dogs are allergic to it. Also, some precautions that need to be considered while feeding crab to your dogs.

The article has a list of benefits and harmful impacts of crab for your dog. It also contains the safety measures that you need to take while feeding crab to your dog. I hope the article caters to all your queries and yes… continue reading!​

What Is The Best Dog Food For Beagles?

Selecting the BEST dog food out of so many options available is not an easy task for all dog owners. But if you have a beagle dog; you might need to pay special attention to this aspect. All because your dog is a ‘virtual eating machine’ that would eat up everything in one- go if given full freedom. So, you have to be very precise in getting the right for your beagle pup to ensure the well-being of your pet.