Can Dogs Eat Crab? ( “Can Dogs Eat” Series)

Crabs, the wholesome seafood, are quite popular and admirable among masses due to its rich nutritive quality. This “MUCH LOVED” meal is nourished with high proteins, vitamins & minerals and is full of tank n flavors.

Moreover, it contains very less fat. But there are certain dilemmas: Can your dogs also eat crabs?? Would your dog also love his bowl full of crab meat?? Is crab a healthy option for dogs?

The answer is: Yes…but no!! Wait, let me not confuse you!! Yes, crab is a healthy dietary option for your dog, but some dogs are allergic to it. Also, some precautions that need to be considered while feeding crab to your dogs.

The article has a list of benefits and harmful impacts of crab for your dog. It also contains the safety measures that you need to take while feeding crab to your dog. I hope the article caters to all your queries and yes… continue reading!​

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Why Should You Feed Crab To Your Dogs? (Positive Points)

There are many good reasons as to why you should feed crab to your dogs. Key points of importance of crab feeding are:

CRAB: A Power Pack Of Nutrients

Crab is highly recommended for dogs because of its high nutritional value. It is a storehouse many essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Moreover, it has low fatty content that makes it healthier.

Proteins are a significant component of a canine’s diet. They are required for growth and survival. So, this source of protein can be fed to your dogs for providing him required energy.

An Appealing Meal

You may come across a situation where your dog simply refuses to eat because he doesn’t want to. This may be due to certain illness. In such a situation, an appealing meal like crab can help to tempt your dog to eat. Moreover, crabs are soft n yummy; so dogs with any oral infections can easily consume them.

A Cure For Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is a condition where dog’s body cannot absorb vitamin B12. This vitamin is very crucial part of dog’s diet as it ensures well-functioning of brain and intestines. Crabs being rich in vitamin B12 help your dog to absorb this vitamin and fulfill his requirement.

Dogs Absolutely Love Crab Meat

Well, all dogs love to eat meat and Crab meat is also your pet’s desired choice. The exceptional smell of crab meat makes dog admire it more. This meat is way too softer and easier to swallow. Then there is no doubt that dogs won’t like it!!

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A Healthy Diet

This protein rich food provides amino acids that help to build a healthier skin, shinier coat, nice nails and a stronger connective tissue. It also provides strength to your dog to remain energetic and healthy.

Why Shouldn’t You Feed Crab To Your Dogs?  (Negative Points)

Allergic Reactions In Some Dogs

Some dogs are allergic to crabs because of its iodine content. An allergic reaction can be detected by these signs: an upset stomach, diarrhea, weariness, watery nose, extreme fatigue.

If you happen to observe any of these signs after crab feeding to your dog, visit your vet as soon as possible. Do not include crab meat again in your dog’s diet.

Digestion Problems

Crab meat is soft but crab shells aren’t! They are very hard to digest and can block the intestine, stuck in throat or mouth and even death. So be very careful in this regard and make sure that you keep the crab shells out of your dog’s reach.

Certain Infections

An infected crab is a serious threat for your dog. Consumption of such a crab raw can cause your dog to acquire those infections. So it is always advisable to cook the meat properly before feeding it to the dogs.

Problem Of Hypernatremia

Besides being enriched with nutrients, crab meat also has high sodium content and cholesterol. Overfeeding crab to your dogs can lead to a serious problem called ‘Hypernatremia’.

This problem deteriorates your dog’s health and is usually accompanied by high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea and heart diseases. This is the reason vets recommend crabs to be fed occasionally to dogs.

Consider the following safety measures while feeding crabs to your dog:

  • Feeding stale or left out crab meat can cause food poisoning and other stomach infections. Make sure that you only feed fresh and brand new crab meat to your dog.
  • Crab meat is very healthy but it also creates certain problems for dogs like allergies and infections. So dogs must be fed with a moderate amount of this meat, neither too high; nor too low. Preferably give it occasionally rather than making it a regular part of diet.
  • Prefer fresh meat over canned crab meat.
  • Cook the meat properly before feeding it to dogs. Raw or under cooked meat is a source of many infections, bacteria and illnesses.
  • Keep your dog away from crab shells as they can cause serious problems.
  • Don’t cook crab meat in butter as it causes digestion problems.
  • Watch this news clipping which shows how tuna crabs proved detrimental for many dogs causing vomiting and diarrhea. So, take care of your pets!


So, if you’re also habitual of sharing your meals with your dogs, make sure that he is not allergic to it. Remember, dogs cannot eat all you love!! Watch this video that reveals some of the veterinary secrets pertaining to some of the toxic foods that dogs should never eat.

Now the answer to your question is very clear and all that needs to be done is:

  • Make crabs an occasional snack because your dogs yum it!
  • Avoid overfeeding crab.
  • Watch for any allergies after intake of crab meat.
  • Consult your vet for the best cure in case of allergies and infections.
  • Consider all the above mentioned points before feeding crabs to your pet.

Ending up, I hope you are now clear with your doubts and if you have any problems or queries the do leave a comment below.


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