Can Dogs Eat Plum? ( “Can Dogs Eat” Series )

Plums! A delicious fruit with a lot of benefits and added nutrients is often considered a delicious treat by everyone. An all-rounder fruit which can be a great thing when mashed or when added to a pie, cookie or cake.

Plum is a multipurpose fruit that is loved by everyone. However, does this saying goes fit for a dog too? Do they found this fruit as juicy and healthy as a human? Let’s find out!

The answer is dogs cannot and should not eat plums, but there is only one secretive way in which plums become healthy for dogs. Let’s find that way.

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Why Shouldn’t Dogs Eat Plums?

The reason why dogs cannot eat plums is the pit of the plum. The digestive tract of your pup is volatile; its esophagus and stomach are fragile while the pits of the plums are quite sharp. Due to this major problem you just cannot feed your pup with a plum. This video tells why a dog should never be fed with plum.

So, a pit in the dog’s throat can damage the esophagus, intestines or stomach of your dog. Not only that,​ sometimes a pit can even stick your dog’s throat which could create an obstruction in your pup's intestinal tract, creating huge problems for his digestive system.

It can block the waste of your dog and can cause a buildup which would cause enormous pain to your little creature. Symptoms of this are dehydration and vomiting in dogs.

In fact, you might think that this problem only persists in small dogs, but you will be surprised to know that even big dogs are equally prone when it comes to creating an obstruction in the intestinal tract.

When we consulted a veterinarian doctor from he exclaimed: “A dog should not eat a plum as when a pit is crushed, it releases cyanide which is toxic to this species.”​

Eating a pit can even choke the dog to death if the pit is not removed in an instant. So if your dog has eaten a pit of plum you should visit the local veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure that the pit is removed.

The biggest problem is when you own a garden with a plum tree, in it as this would mean regular consumption of plum for your dog. So you must see to it that your dog does not eat plums from the garden. But what if you want him to, anyway? Is there a chance that you can feed the dog with this magical fruit?​

The Only Solutions: De-Pitted Plums

So if the pits create an issue, why not remove the pits? Well, this stands true in the given situation. A plum with all its pits removed can be an excellent, healthy and enjoyable treat for your pup. It can boost up his energies and can give him a change of taste too. It can be ideal for a dog suffering from the problem of constipation.

Benefits Of Eating A Plum For Dogs

Plums are known for providing some great benefits to humans and animals. They have high vitamin-C content enriched with a lot of nutrients.

Plums contain fibers and components like sorbitol which can be great to relieve constipation and improve digestion in your dog. They even provide with Vitamin-A which enhances one’s eyesight and even acts as an antioxidant.

Here is a list of benefits of plums for your dogs:

  • It contains dietary fibers eating which can increase the bowel movements of your dog and will help in keeping him away from diseases like diarrhea.
  • It can regulate the sugar levels of your creature, creating a balance of hormones.
  • It can prolong the appetite suppression in your dog and could even aid the immune system.
  • The presence of Vitamin K increases and assists in the blood clotting productions.

All in all, it contains a list of complex substances which are considered to be very good for health, to know more about the added benefits of plum you can go here.

Precautions While Feeding​

“Steady in start, wins the race” his saying goes right here also. You must start feeding your dog with “de-pitted” plums slowly. Introduce a minuscule amount of plum in your dog’s diet and check for the reaction of your dog to this new feast. If your dog has some allergy, it might become apparent through an upset stomach.

Do not provide your dog with plums on a daily basis. Giving your dog plums on a regular basis is never going to increase its effectiveness in any way. A large intake of dietary fibers can cause diarrhea in dogs so beware of keeping the principle of moderation in your mind while doing anything.

Alternatives To Plum Diet

If your dog loves the flavor of plum, you can trick him by giving him the taste of the fruit in some other product. You can use a shampoo of plum flavor for your dog. Here are a few products which your dog must like if he is a plum lover.

These products contain plum flavor and fragrance which would be enjoyable for your dog.


So the question “can dog eat plums” finally gets its answer. Yes, dogs can eat plums, but here are the conditions that apply:

  • Ensure that plums are de-pitted.
  • Take care that these are consumed only up to a certain level.
  • Provide only occasional feedings of plums.

Feel free to ask for any query or your view in the comment section. We will be back with another article answering another question for your beloved pet.



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