Do Dogs Have Nightmares? (The Fact That Many Dog Owners Are Wondering)

Are you inquisitive about knowing the reason behind the strange sounds that your dog makes while he’s sleeping? As a dog owner, almost every one of you must have noticed kicking, twitching or sleep barks of your dog when he stretches out on his carpet for a good, sound sleep.

It may leave you thinking that do dogs really dream, and if they do then do they have nightmares too? If you want to know the answer to this query, then you are on the right track.

Keep reading ahead to get your answer to whether dogs have nightmares? Also, find out how to deal with your pet if he really has terrible dreams!

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If dogs can dream, they could have nightmares as well. All such signals like whining, twitching, pawing, even growing and barking extremely while sleeping or any other strange behavior points to the fact that they have nightmares. But I am not only making a guess about it.

There is scientific evidence that supports this fact. The scientists confirmed that dreaming occurs in animals that don’t have complex neurological systems. The structure of dogs’ brains is almost similar to that of humans. Scientists at many research centers studied the brain wave activities of dogs that are sleeping and concluded that dogs also experience the same electrical activity as the sleeping humans.

According to dog behavior expert and psychologist Stanley Coren​ dogs definitely have nightmares. He proves that the process of dreaming in dogs is not different from that of humans. Watch out this video to confirm your doubts about dogs having nightmares

Now The Question Comes, What Could Dogs Dream About?

What do dogs normally dream about? They usually dream about the activities in which they participate actively, just as a Human’s dream is governed by their daily activities. Now coming to the nightmares, human beings have nightmares about the things they fear.

So it would not be wrong to assume that dogs also have nightmares about the fearful situations they happen to experience.

The only difference is that human beings can imagine a lot, both possible and impossible, but dogs cannot anticipate the future. Dogs are not good at visualizing the possibilities, so it is possible that their dreams are mostly tied to their memories.

Now, what type of memories? Mostly, the short-term ones. The reason for the nightmares in dogs can be a recent fearful event like a visit to its vet, altercation with the other animal, toenail clipping or anything that creates a big negative impression on your dog. Their long term memories can also be the cause of their nightmares as the traumatic events stick with their brains.

So, now the question comes what to do if your dog has a bad dream? Keep reading further to find out the same.​

How To Deal With The EXCRUCIATING NIGHTMARES Of Your Lovely Dog?

I understand it becomes very painful when you see your dog growling, kicking or screaming while sleeping. You must feel like doing something to make your pet comfortable, but:

Experts suggest that you should let your sleeping dog undisturbed, even if your dogs seems to be having a huge nightmare. The reason behind this is that a dog can snap if he is suddenly awakened from a deep sleep and if he is awakened from a traumatic scenario, he is more likely to bite or even attack you.

But in case you feel like waking up your dog, you should do that very gently and carefully by calling out his name. If it does not work, raise your voice progressively until your dog wakes. The motive is to wake up the dog without astonishing him.

Remember the only way you should be waking up your dog is through your voice. Don’t dare to touch him because by doing so you would be landing yourself in a big trouble as dogs woken up from a mid-nightmare are known to bite and growl.

If your dog is having frequent nightmares, then consider giving him supplements such as Calm Shen or Composure. These are natural anxiety supplements are easily available on

In worst cases, you can also give a sleeping pill named Benadryl, which is also available on the same website. It may help your dog getting quality sleep at night, but don’t use it on the regular basis as it can be dangerous for your dog’s health.

If your dog starts defecating or urinating particularly after a violent nightmare, you should talk to a vet quickly.


Concluding it, yes dogs do have nightmares as their process of dreaming is not different from that of humans. While it can be a displeasing experience for you and your dog, nightmares are not anything to be troubled about. It is normal for them to have nightmares just like human beings.

But if your dog’s condition worsens or you are finding his behavior while sleeping too weird then to be on a safe side, I suggest you make a video of your dog while he is sleeping and having a traumatic nightmare and then showing that episode to your vet.

Your vet will tell you if there is anything wrong with your dog. Hope this article will solve your queries about your dog having nightmares.

Check out this video to have some more information on dreadful dreams of your pet.

But still, if you have any doubt, leave it in the comments section below. We will try to clarify all your doubts with a satisfactory solution.


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