Do Great Danes Shed? What Tips For Reducing It?

The Great Dane is large German breed of domestic dog. They are well known for their giant size. Great Danes are known to be one of the tallest breeds of dogs. Now coming to the main topic of discussion, do Great Danes shed? Luckily, shedding of hairs by Great Danes is not a major issue for their owners.

Keep reading further to get some knowledge about the shedding of hair by Great Danes.

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Do Great Danes Shed A Lot?

Many times, I have seen people complain about a lot of shedding in Great Danes. But the point is that since Great Danes are giant and enormous, as the name suggest, there seem to be a lot of hair everywhere.

However, Great Danes shed almost the same amount of hair as other dogs who have short hairs. So there is no cause of worry if you find a lot of hair shedding from Great Danes in your house because that’s normal.

do great danes shed

Factors Affecting Hair Shedding

Let’ see the factors influencing hair shedding

Genetic Factors

do great danes shed

Shedding in Dogs is largely dependent on genetic factors. There are variations in the rate of hair growth even in the dogs of the same breed. Therefore, genetic factors are also responsible for hair shedding.


do great danes shed

Hair is composed of almost 90% protein and out of this 30% is used for hair growth daily. So deficiencies of proteins, vitamins, and minerals also increase shedding in Great Danes. So a well-balanced diet is essential for your dog. But some dogs are not able to digest some nutrients due to some genetic disorders. So supplements are produced for improving coat condition, but they are specially formulated for dermatoses.


do great danes shed

Living conditions of a dog also affect shedding of hair. The duration of molting is affected by some living conditions. For example, molting begins sooner in dogs that live indoors as compared to ones who live outdoors.

Environmental Temperature

do great danes shed

Temperature also affects the hair growth cycle of dogs. Hair fall is more in spring and autumn.


This is responsible for seasonal molts in Great Danes. If the photoperiod increases, hair shedding also increases. Therefore, shedding is more in spring and autumn.

However, if your Great Dane sheds excessively then we have here some tips for you.

Some Tips To Reduce The Excessive Shedding In Great Danes

de great danes shed

All dogs shed their coat occasionally and so does Great Danes. The overall health of a dog plays a great role in shedding in dogs. If a dog sheds more than the average amount for that breed, he may be having some issues with or undiagnosed health. Although you cannot stop your dog’s shedding altogether by keeping your dog well-groomed and healthy, you can control it. Following are the tips for the same.

  • Providing High-quality Diet
  • Feed your pet a high-quality diet which contains all the required nutrients.Look for food which contains meat as the first ingredient. The nutrients in meat help in digesting food, improve overall health and helps in controlling his shedding and dry skin. Add flaxseed oil or olive oil to your dog’s food as it helps in decreasing dandruff and improves his coat texture.

  • Brush Your Great Dane’s Coat Regularly
  • Regularly brushing your dog’s coat, helps in removing loose and excess fur and redistributes the oil of his skin into its fur, helping them stay in their place. For this, you need a good grooming brush. You can purchase it from here. You can also watch this video of a Great Dane getting brushed by his owner

  • Give Your Dog Fresh And Clean Water For Drinking
  • Dehydration also leads to dry skin which can cause too much shedding and illness too. So, make sure that your dog has access to clean, fresh drinking water. For this, you can also include wet dog food in your Great Dane’s diet.

  • Control Fleas
  • Dogs who have flea problems scratch excessively, which causes hair fall. This also leads to irritated skin, fur shedding and dandruff. So make sure your Great Dane is not suffering from flea problems.

Now let’s have a look on grooming tips for Great Danes as a well-groomed dog does not face the problem of excessive shedding.

Some Grooming Tips For Great Danes

do great danes shed
  • Bathing Your Dog
  • Bathing a Great Dane is a tough task due to their large size. So, fortunately, unlike brushing which has to be done on a regular basis, you don’t have to bathe your Great Dane every day. The reason being, they are not smelly. So bathing your dog at some intervals helps loose hair to fall out. Remember over bathing causes dry skin. So don’t do that. You can check out this video to see how to give a proper bath to your great Danes.

  • Cleaning Ears
  • You should clean the ears of your Great Danes only once in a week. But if you notice some redness or an infection in his ears then take him to his vet to get his ear checked off any serious trouble.

  • Cleaning Eyes
  • Great Danes may build up with mucus on their eyes occasionally. But that’s not a cause of worry as it’s normal. But if you want to remove that, carefully clean his eyes with some soft towel. But here also, if the mucus changes color, go and consult your vet for that.

  • Cleaning His Teeth
  • Great Dane’s teeth also need to be cleaned regularly, just like human beings. You should purchase a particular toothbrush for dogs and toothpaste also.


So, concluding it, yes Great Danes do shed, but their shedding is not a big issue. Sometimes there can be excessive shedding, but that could be due to seasonal factors. If you brush your Great Dane’s coat regularly, take care of his diet and grooming, you will not face any problem with his shedding. But if in spite of following all these measures your dog still sheds abnormally, then you should take him to his vet. He might be suffering from some disease which should be treated timely.

I hope you will find this article helpful and will follow the tips for reducing hair fall. And yes, don’t forget the grooming tips too, leave your doubts in the comments section below; we will clarify them as soon as possible.


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