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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat’s Poop ? (The Disgusting Fact)

Of all the disgusting or repulsive habits of our canine friends; from drinking the toilet to licking their butts, nothing tops the terrible practice of consuming poop!!! As horrible as it seems to the dog owners, eating cat feces is pretty common for dogs.

You might have noticed that only some dogs eat the feces or poop of another dog or their own, but almost every dog in this world eats the cat's poop. Here I am trying to tell you that eating poop, specifically cat’s poop is the most common problem of dogs. So, if you notice your dog eating cat’s poop, you should not get nervous or worried about your dog and forcefully make your dog leave this habit.

The scientific name of this behavior of eating feces is known as Coprophagia, which can occur for due to a variety of reasons but of course it’s not at all desirable and healthy for your dog. You should find out the factors responsible for such behavior of your dog and deal with them accordingly.

15 Insanely Easy Tips to Keep Your German Shepherd Healthy

Whenever you go for a morning walk, you see a good, tall German shepherd with great aesthetics and fitness, and you wonder that why in this world your dog is not fit like that. You wonder if he is eating enough? You wonder what you are doing wrong? Well if you have these types of queries in mind then you have probably landed on the correct place.

German Shepherd is the most attractive and intelligent dog breed on this planet. Cunning brain and fit body are the biggest quality of any GSD. But just like anyone else, your dog requires a daily routine to keep him fit, and you are the one who is responsible for creating this routine. Well, be not afraid as here we bring you 15 insanely easy tips which will surely help you keep your GSD healthy.​

How Long Do Labs Live? What Contributes To Their Lifespan?

The Labrador retriever is a type of retriever-gun dog. It is one of the most popular breeds of dog in U.K. If you are a new dog owner of a Labrador, then you might want to find out about the lifespan of Labrador Retriever. After all, when you find a perfect and best friend, you want to know for how long you could enjoy his company.

“How long do labs live” is a favorite question and we are going to discuss it in today’s article. You will hear from many people that the average lifespan of labs is 10-12 years. But the point is that some labs live longer than 12 years, and unfortunately some even don’t make it to 10 years.

It’s impossible to precisely calculate how long your Labrador will live as there are various factors, which can be genetic or hereditary, that determine their lifespan. So what factors control the life expectancy rates of labs? How can you affect the lifespan of your lab so that you can spend the longest and happiest years together?​

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

No matter where you are, what you are doing, whether you are cooking in the kitchen, cleaning your house, or soaking in the tub, he is always shadowing every step that you take.

Yes, we are talking about that four-legged, loyal member of many families, known as a dog.If you own a dog, you might have noticed, that your pet follows you everywhere you go. But why is it so? You might have wondered this too. So keep reading further to get a deeper insight into it.

Dogs are considered to be one of the happiest creatures made by God on earth. They also have different ways of expressing their emotions or communicating to you and following your every step might be their one such way.​

Here are some reasons for your dog stalking you.

The Secret To Putting Neosporin On A Dog

A dog being a playful animal often gets himself in some trouble while having fun. And then they come to you with a wound or a cut to get them rid of their pain. You must have felt the urge to help your dog, and the first thing that pops into your mind is applying some antibacterial product as Neosporin which may be in the form of gel, ointment, powder forms or cream.

While using Neosporin on your dog’s wound, you must have been caught by a question that: Is putting neosporin on a dog safe?

Don’t worry; you are not alone looking for an answer to this popular query, as according to Google’s 2016 Year in Search, “Can I put Neosporin on my dog?” was the eighth most asked question about dogs.

Before answering this question, there are some important points that you must understand before you apply Neosporin to your dog’s wound, which you will find in this article.

Give The Dog A Bone? Make Sure It Safe!

‘Throwing your dog a bone’ can become much more problematic than the phrase suggests. The idea that your pet can indulge in your leftover rib bone from dinner may seem like a harmless, doting gesture and a tempting one, especially when their hopeful faces look up at you so eagerly. However, we will examine and consider the truths that suggest you could, in fact, be putting your precious pooch in danger.

Whether the bone is cooked or served raw, there are possible dangers involved in sharing rib bones with your dog that you may find are not worth taking. Let’s first take a look at the potential risks.

Ever Wonder Why Dogs Eat Rock? Know It Here

Dogs eat a bunch of strange things like rocks, dirt, another animal’s stool, clothes, etc. that makes no sense from our point of view. Of these rocks is the most eaten non-food item by dogs, which is becoming a cause of worry for most of the dog owners. You also must have seen your dog taking pleasure in chewing rocks. But you know, those things are strange for us, not for them.

Although difficult to understand, it’s quite normal for dogs, especially young ones. Anyways, normal or abnormal, eating rocks can be dangerous if ingested as this could lead to diarrhea, intestinal blockage, vomiting or even choking in his throat.

So in this article, you will get to know the reasons behind your dog eating rocks and how to deal with it. Watch this video to see how badly dogs love eating rocks.

Ever Wonder Why Dogs Lick Your Feet? Know It Here

Dogs like to lick food bowls, the face of humans, other dogs and even themselves, but why do they lick feet? Many times I see people complaining that their dogs like to lick their feet very much. But before you decide to eliminate this from your dog’s behavior, aren’t you curious to know the reason behind this? Well, let me clarify in advance, it’s natural tendency of a dog to lickfeet, and anything done against nature would not bore fruit.

As dog can’t communicate with their owners, they use licking as a means to communicate. Understanding why your dog does certain things is essential for building your bond and growing your friendship between you and your dog. So continue reading further to get enlightened.