How Dogs Show Affection (The Fact You Need To Know Very Badly)

As a dog owner, we all know that we love our pet dogs very much and somehow, through a mutual connection, believe that our dog loves us back too. But let’s take this from the dogs’ viewpoint: how do they show their affection? This would be our question for the day and surely you are going to find an answer quickly.

A dog’s love is unconditional. They prove to be our constant and the truest companions. So, it becomes very necessary that we should understand how and when they convey us their love and affection. Sometimes we just unknowingly ignore their gestures of love expression. This may dishearten him or may even make him think that he has done something wrong and needed to apologize.

So, keep reading further to find out how dogs show affection so that next time you don’t ignore them.

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Physical Gestures: Dogs Gives Some Signs Of Affection Through Their Physical Pursuits Like The Following

Tail Wagging

Tail wagging is often assumed as a sign of wanting to engage in something fun. However, being an ambiguous gesture, it could often communicate many different emotions too, such as happiness and love.

Yes, dogs sometimes show their affection towards you or other dogs by shaking their booty too. When a dog is happy, he wags his tail along with his whole butt and bends forth in a very friendly way. You can see a dog’s tail wagging in happiness.

Eye To Eye Contact

how dogs show affection

According to the director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, Brian Hare, when dogs look you into your eyes, they are trying to “hug you with their eyes.” Here, he explains the role of oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a chemical that helps in bonding between newly born babies and their mothers. The same is also released when dogs stare at you. So next time, don’t get offended when your dog see you directly in your eyes as by doing so he is giving you a ‘sweet, affectionate hug.’


how dogs show affection

Jumping is often considered as an unwanted behavior for our dogs. Therefore, most dog owners train their dogs to get out of that habit. But through jumping, your dog may be showing you his love and affection for you.

Jumping is an instinctive display of care and love from the dog. For instance, when you come back to your house from work, he jumps at you as he tries to greet you with excitement. As a pup, dogs learn to lick their mother’s face; therefore, they jump on you because they consider you as their “parent.”

Leaning On You

how dogs show affection

Many times, dogs lean on you as a source of affection or comfort or he may be trying to protect you from some danger they sense. Although it can be annoying for you, especially when you were about to go somewhere outside but he may be asking for some attention or showing you his attention, both. So in that case, take a moment to sit with your pet and let him know that you love him too.

Emotional Gestures: Here Are Some Intimate Signs Of Affection Which Dogs Deliver

They Share Their Toys With You

how dogs show affection

When your dog brings you their “much loved” toys, this doesn’t only mean that they want to play. In fact, this is a sign of affection as they think that you will also love their toys as much as they love it. They love you so much that they are willing to share their “prized possession” with you which proves that “sharing is caring.” You may also get your dog a lovely new toy. Check out some toys here.

Walking Around You Or Following

how dogs show affection

A dog following his owner like a shadow is something cute! So don’t get intimidated by his action of following you as by doing so he may be showing some affection towards you. This also happens when a dog follows his pal. A dog, being a social animal doesn’t want to be apart from his owner. Therefore, he follows you everywhere showing his devotion for you.

Licking Your Face

how dogs show affection

This is one of the most common and well-known ways of dogs showing their affection towards you or other dogs. Dogs may lick you for different reasons, and one of those reasons is showing their love and affection. Dogs often lick each other as a gesture of intimacy when they want to build a strong bond between them. Similarly, dogs may lick you when they want to show their love and care for you. You can enjoy this funny video of a dog licking his owner


These were some of the ways through which dogs show their affection. Other than these, there can also be some general ways like sleeping next to you, smiling, etc. Although some of them may appear very annoying to you, when we see from dog’s perspective, he is trying to show his affection and love for you.

So never, act harshly in response to any one of his gestures as it may depress your dog. Instead, carefully stop him if he is irritating you by gently rubbing his head. Whenever your dog shows his affection, you should also respond him affectionately so that they know you also love him.

Trust me, I’ve never found my dog’s gestures of showing his affection to be irritating. I love them!!! I hope this article proves to be quite informative to you as by now you must know how your dog shows affection. Still, if you have any questions, leave it in the comments section, we will be happy to answer them.


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