How To Train A Yorkie: Learning Some Basic Training And Housebreaking Strategies

A big personality and eye-appealing cuteness make the Yorkshire Terrier one of the popular dog breeds in the world. Despite their small size, the intelligent and territorial is the first-rate watchdog. So, because of his unique traits, Yorkies must be trained at least some basic habits so that you can live comfortably and happily with them.

You must have also wished once that “my Yorkie should possess all the good manners.” So are you looking for “how to train a Yorkie” guide? Well, in that case, you are on the right track. Keep reading further to know about “how to train a Yorkie” (some of the basic training and housebreaking strategies).​

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Training a Yorkie is very important as otherwise, he will become an uncontrollable pet. If your Yorkie possesses all the good habits, only then you will be able to enjoy his company. The one, who lives with an untrained pet, only finds himself in cleaning the “potty” of his Yorkie. Who wants to do that? Obviously, no one! So I will tell you how to train a Yorkie so that you can play and enjoy the company of your cute, little friend.​

​You can first watch a video which will tell you “How to train a Yorkie.”

Let’s Train Your Yorkie!

Basic Training Strategies

1. Know The Breed.

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size, but they are basically originated from the breed of working dogs. They are strong willed and are generally described as having the temper of a large dog in a small dog’s body. They also range widely in their learning power. Some can be quick learners while others can be slow.

how to train a yorkie

2. Learn About Positive Reinforcement. 

Dogs learn reward-based training quickly. The principle behind this is those good manners are immediately awarded which makes a dog associate the good manners with the reward. So, he will repeat the behavior to continue getting treats in the form of reward.

​Remember, do not overfeed your Yorkie when using treats to reward his good behavior. Reduce the amount of food you give him during meals so that the additional calories from such treats do not make your Yorkie overweight.

3. Remain Consistent With All Training.

Your dog will learn what you are teaching only if you are consistent in training him. If you don’t want your Yorkie to do something, like jumping on a sofa, then this must be a rule at all the times. If you sometimes allow your dog to do such things, he will get confused.

how to train a yorkie

4. Use Negative Markers.

You should let your Yorkie know that he is about to make a mistake by making some disapproving tone, such as “No No.” This is known as a “negative marker” that will give your dog a signal that he is going to make a mistake.

how to train a yorkie

Housebreaking Your Yorkie

1. Select A Particular Area.

Simply choosing any area outside the house as the bathroom area will not teach him solid lessons. You have to choose a specific location that he is supposed to use for housebreaking. While selecting an area, keep in mind that the place should be comfortable to go at whether it’s spring, winter or raining.

how to train a yorkie

2. Tell And Show Your Dog Exactly The Proper Place To Go.

Consistency is very important when house training a dog. Pick a specific spot where you want your dog to do that “stuff” and help him to associate that spot with “go to the bathroom.”

how to train a yorkie

3. Clean Indoor Messes Thoroughly.

Your pet will smell the remains of any indoor mess and will be drawn back to that spot again. So clean those messes with an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of any smell that could draw your dog back.

how to train a yorkie

Teaching Some Basic Commands

1. “Here” Command.

You can teach him here command by using it when the dog is already moving towards you. After creating a strong association between these two points, you can start giving him “here” command when he is not moving towards you.

how to train a yorkie

2. “Sit” Command.

Make your Yorkie sit by placing a treat on the ground. You can also indicate with your hands that you want him to sit down. Slowly, add the “sit” command also.

  • You have to repeat the process for many days or even weeks and months to register it fully with your dog.
  • When he learns the sit command, stop rewarding him with treats which will prevent overfeeding.
how to train a yorkie

3. “Shake” Command.

Make your dog sit. Then gently pick one of his front legs and place your hand around his wrist. Shake and then offer treats and praise. As your Yorkie begins to understand how to shake, start introducing “shake” command for the behavior.

how to train a yorkie

Some Important Tips For Training A Yorkie

1. Training Goals Should Be According To Your Dog’s Age.

Puppies should not be trained before 8-weeks-old. In the case of housebreaking especially, because the bowel muscle and bladder develop and strengthen as the puppy grows.

2. Hours Needs Can Be Held By Age In Months.

The best way to know how long you can expect your Yorkie to hold his needs is that a 3-month-old puppy can hold on for 3 hours, a 4-month-old for 4 hours and so on. The maximum limit is up to 8 hours.Expecting more than this is unrealistic.

3. Do Not Punish Your Yorkie For Not Following Your Commands.

Punishment is not a successful deterrent for your Yorkie for all sorts of training. Punishments will make your dog scared of you and hiding in secretive places in your house.

4. Use A Lightweight Harness.

5. Train Him At Particular Times Of The Day Only.


So, these were some strategies and tips for “how to train a Yorkie.” Once you start training your Yorkie, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog learns. This is so because Yorkies are quick learners. You just need to learn the right way to train him. Also, remember to stay patient and not to punish your little friend in any case. This will only worsen your relationship with him. Your Yorkie also wants to learn and please you, but it obviously takes time!

I hope this article helps you and your dog. If you found this article useful, please share it and feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below.


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