Closely-Guarded Secrets To Train Pit Bull Puppies

Powerful, passionate and intensely loyal, the Pit Bull Terrier is a multitalented, athletic and a perfect companion. With a strong urge to please his master, Pit Bulls, when properly trained and socialized can be extremely devoted family dogs. Highly sharp and quick, they also act as great protectors. They have a mysterious ability to discern a friendly guest from an interloper. We today in this article will take you through an effective strategy to train your pit bull and make him an ideal dog.

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In this strategy we will cover up the following chapters:


History And Appearance Of Pit Bulls

Powerful Breed

There is so much to admire about Pit Bulls which is evident from the past of this powerful breed. Due to the award-winning versatility of Pit bulls, they are used in multiple fields. They were used way back in World War 1, until today in television shows, for advertisements and artwork.

Strong Appearance

​A typical Pit Bull is built like a Mack Truck, resembling a brick house. With a broad, deep chest and a sturdy jaw, the Pit bull is a perfect picture of robustness and power. Surrounded by strong cheeks, the eyes of a Pit Bull can come in a variety of colors. Pit bulls have, thick, short and shiny hair and their tail are usually not docked. On an average, pit bulls weigh 35-55 pounds and are 18-22 inches in height.​


Temperament Of Pit Bull Puppies

If you want to own a pit bull, you should purchase him from a reputed Pit bull breeder. The alleged breeder will have the knowledge of the importance of breeding for temperament, which is a key in such a dominant dog.

With this said, you should also evaluate yourself before bringing a Pit bull puppy in your life.​

Pit bulls have a great potential in them, which can be utilized by giving them proper training.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive, but a properly trained. Pit bull can be a sweet companion. If you commit to socialize and train your Pit bull puppy, you will surely eliminate such unwanted tendency.

Pit bulls can bring much laughter and entertainment in your house. Sometimes they may sprint around the house looking for some fun. At other times, your Pit bull may be living a life of luxury, lying on his back on your couch with his legs up in the air. They need an adequate amount of exercise, and a big yard is perfect for their athletic exuberance.​

After reading this, you might have realized that it’s imperative to provide proper training to your Pit bull puppy. So let’s learn how to make a Great Pit Bull out of a Pit Bull puppy.


Training A Pit Bull - Why Is This Important?

Many people feel that training a Pit bull is a tough job than training any other dog. But the fact is that training a pit bull is the same as training any other breed of dogs. However, the difference is that the consequences of not training a bigger and larger breed of dog such as pit bull can be more dangerous than neglecting the training of a smaller dog.

Therefore, it becomes very important to train a Pitbull. Consider the importance of training a pit bull, given below.​

#1: Pit Bulls Have Fighting Blood

Pit bulls were specifically bred for dog fighting, which is of course illegal today. But the inherited traits, because of selective breeding, have its impact on the breed. This does not mean that pit bulls are dangerous pets, but yes, they need special attention to tackle such traits. So pit bull owners should work to encourage a healthy personality development of their dogs.

#2: To Be Safe

Pit bulls being tall and muscular are very much prone to scuffling with other dogs or people. They can become destructive on a moment’s notice. So to avoid facing a lawsuit you should provide obedience training to your dog.

#3: Rightful Upbringing

Don’t wait to start socializing your dog. Mental development of a Pit bull takes place in the first year of his life. Even a pit bull of below 6 months of age can be sent to puppy classes for teaching him good habits and socialization.


Teach Him Basic Manners To Make Him A Gentleman Or Specifically A “Gentledog”

​Introduce some basic commands to your Pit Bull puppy. You will find that these commands are very helpful in various circumstances. These commands are taught through positive reinforcement training or a training technique named as “luring.”

1. Sit: A Pit bull puppy can be easily trained to sit by giving him a treat. Place the treat over the nose of your pit bull. Then move the treat towards the back, over the Pit bull puppy’s head. This will automatically lower his haunches, making him sit. When the rear touches the floor, praise him and give him the treat. Repeat this and start adding the word “sit” when the rear touches the floor so that your Pit bull puppy starts relating the command with the act of sitting.·

2. Come: The “come” command is the most important command that your Pit bull puppy should learn. Start from a hall, free from distractions, with your helper holding your Pit Bull Puppy. Lure your puppy with a treat in your hand and move back to the opposite end of the hall while calling your puppy’s name. As your pit bull arrives at you give him a treat. Repeat this exercise by increasing the distance and in distracting areas.·

3. Lay down: When your dog learns the sit command, then you can teach him to lie down. Command him to sit and bring a treat to his nose. Then bring the gift down vertically in a straight line and then bring it out horizontally, thus making an imaginary “L.” Your pit bull puppy following the treat will lie down. When he touches the floor, release the treat between his paws to let him have it. Repeat and start adding the command “lay down” so that your puppy starts associating the command with the act of lying down.

4. Stay: Tell your puppy to lie down or sit next to you and with your hand open pronounce the command “stay.” Take a step forward in front of your dog with your hand still open. Return to your first place and give him the treat for staying. Repeat this by increasing the distance and the time your dog stays.

You can also watch a video which tells how to teach “sit” and “lie down” command to a pit bull puppy.


How To Discipline Your Pit Bull

#1: Use Positive Reinforcement

For training your Pit Bull puppy, you should focus on teaching and not on results. He will take some time to come up to your training. Give your puppy a simple command and if he follows it, then reward him with his favorite treat. Never resort to punishing him if he does anything wrong. Using positive reinforcement instead of punishments is just a way to earn his trust to reduce his aggression.

#2: Leash Train Your Pit Bull Puppy

Your pit bull should obey you even when his leash is loose. This allows your dog to enjoy his freedom to explore while still being within your reach. To train, your puppy must learn that leash should be loose. If he puts tension on the leash, you should turn around and take him in the opposite direction. This will train him to follow you and not lead the way. If your dog keeps the leash loose, reward him with a treat so that he realizes that he is doing the right thing.

#3: Stop Him From Biting Before It Starts

To make your pit bull know that it’s wrong to bite people. It’s better if you start teaching him when he's young. Whenever he bites your hand, take your hand away and scream like you are in pain. This will act as an alarm bell in your dog’s head that he has done something wrong. Another way to prevent him from biting is to give him some chew toys. You can buy one such toy from

#4: Establish Dominance

Your pit bull puppy must know that you are the leader and that he must obey you. Otherwise he will turn into a dominant, alpha dog. Some ways to establish dominance are:

  • Give your puppy treats or praise so that he knows you are the owner.
  • If your dog does something wrong, correct him quickly.
  • To demonstrate your dominance give and deny your puppy permissions for things like jumping on the bed, eating, etc.
  • When entering the house, your dog should allow you to go first and then should follow you.


Socializing Your Pit Bull Puppy

Start Socializing Your Dog When He Is Young

The most important part of training a pit bull is socializing. For best results, start socializing your pit bull when he is a puppy. Take your pit bull puppy out so that he can interact with people and other animals. You can also enroll your pit bull puppy in a puppy training class when he is of six months. This will help your pit bull puppy to get accustomed to others animals and learn how to behave. Watch this video which tells how to socialize your dog and its importance.

Introduce Your Pit Bull Puppy To Other Dogs

Know your dog’s personality before socializing him with other dogs and don’t force him. If you think that your pit bull is willing to meet other dogs, follow these guidelines:

  • Introduce the dogs with their leashes on and walking them in a parallel direction.
  • Don’t allow your dog to run up to the other dog if he gets excited.
  • Make sure not to tangle their leashes as this can cause a fight.

Photo: TopDogTips

If All Goes Well, Let Your Pit Bull Puppy Play In An Enclosed Off-leash Area

If the introductions go well, let your Pit bull hang out with another dog in a fenced area. If they are comfortable in that environment, take off their leash but make sure that both the owners stay near their respective dogs.

Socialize Your Pit Bull Puppy With Children And Strangers

Your Pit bull should completely trust you and should be trained to follow your directions before introducing him to a child or a stranger. To introduce visitors to your pit bull, you should tell them how to avoid upsetting your dog. The strangers should not touch your dog or make an eye contact with him. Instead, they should kind of “ignore” the dog to give him time to smell them and get used to their presence.


Basic Caring For Your Pit Bull - Very Important

1. Give Your Pit Bull Puppy Adequate Amount Of Exercise

If your pit bull has too much available energy, he can become very aggressive. Take your pit bull for lots of walks. You should spend at least two hours to give your pit bull puppy the exercise he needs.

2. Use A Crate

Pit bulls like having their area that belongs to them only. Remember, the box should not be used for punishing them, but rather for providing them a private place to go if they are feeling overwhelmed.

​3. House-train Your Pit Bull Puppy

To house-train, your pit bull puppy, follow the following steps:

#1: Choose a toilet area outside or inside your house as a go-to spot for your pit bull puppy.

#2: Take him to this area until he uses the bathroom.

#3: Praise him for following your guidelines correctly.​

#4: Further, look for signs that he wants to go to his restroom like he may be sniffing the floor, looking agitated or walking in small circles.

4. Watch What He Eats​

​This is very important that all dogs by nature love to eat. You should monitor everything he eats to ensure that he does not take in litter or dirt. Also, avoid him from overeating as it can make him obese which can further lead to many health problems. You can buy him some nutritious food from

5. Learn To Read Your Dog’s Body Language​

As you get to know your Pit bull, try to identify the signs showing he is upset. If he starts barking, mobbing in circles, growling or looks angry, then it’s time to change the situation. Try to know your little creature and identify the signs that he is upset, too excited or tired.​


So, this was all about providing the necessary training to your pit bull puppy. Apart from this, it is vital for you to have patience and never scold or act aggressively with your pit bull puppy as this will only distort your relationship with your dog. Pit bulls are not typically aggressive towards people but can sometimes show aggression which applies to each dog. It’s only improper training, socialization, poor breeding, misuse, that pit bull can become a problem for you. This goes for every breed; therefore you must ensure that Pit bull is a breed that fits your lifestyle and knowledge.

A passive individual with zero knowledge of dog training, who is not even willing to train his dog should leave this thought of owning a dog. But on the other hand, if you want to own a pit bull puppy and are dedicated to his training, then you are likely to find a faithful and loyal companion - the dog you had always hoped for.


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