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The Best Dog Food For Yorkies – Top 5 Picks And Reviews

Feeding a small breed dog can be a tough fight. I understand this as I have one too! They have different dietary needs, and it can be quite easy to either underfeed or overfeed them.

Yorkshire Terrier often referred to as ‘Yorkie” is a small dog with plenty of personality and spark. They have long, silky coat which is steel blue in color. Now coming to their food, Yorkies need special attention. Their stomach, in particular, is prone to many stomach problems. So if you are not careful, you might find yourself cleaning up a bunch of doggy’s mess.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this article, I will give you some facts which will help you find the best dog food for your Yorkie. You will also get to know the top 5 dog food brands for Yorkie.

Give The Dog A Bone? Make Sure It Safe!

‘Throwing your dog a bone’ can become much more problematic than the phrase suggests. The idea that your pet can indulge in your leftover rib bone from dinner may seem like a harmless, doting gesture and a tempting one, especially when their hopeful faces look up at you so eagerly. However, we will examine and consider the truths that suggest you could, in fact, be putting your precious pooch in danger.

Whether the bone is cooked or served raw, there are possible dangers involved in sharing rib bones with your dog that you may find are not worth taking. Let’s first take a look at the potential risks.

The Best Dog Food For Pit Bulls

Pitbulls is a misunderstood breed. Most people call them a bully breed that gives them a bad reputation. But for Pitbull lovers, these dogs deserve much love just like any other breed. Pitbulls are complex stocky, potentially aggressive and beautiful creatures that are accepted as popular family members across the world. The dogs that fall under Pitbull category need a certain level of care to live a healthy and happy life.

For taking care of a Pitbull you should be very responsible. A large part of these charismatic dog’s health revolves around their eating routine. It has been observed that Pitbulls suffer from allergies and some diseases mainly because of their wrong or incomplete diet. Pitbull being a hardy breed will survive on anything you throw at him. But that’s not what we want. As a dog lover, you may want to serve your dog with the best food available which will make him strong and muscle bound.

But the problem is you can’t pick any dog food from the market shelf and label it as the “best dog food”. To provide your Pitbull with the best, you should be aware of his nutritional needs and accordingly choose the best dog food brand for him. So let’s get deeper into Pitbulls and find exactly what you should be feeding these dogs.

The Best Dog Food For Rottweiler You Need To Know

Healthy Food = Healthy Rottweiler

This equation is applicable to all dogs and humans, and we are well aware of it. So it becomes an urgent need of a dog owner to find the best food for his Rottweiler. But selecting the best food for a Rottweiler is not an easy task as all breeds of dogs have different nutritional requirements and so does the Rottweiler.

All dogs love food, so it becomes very important to select the best one for them. Rottweiler is a large breed dog, known for his strong and muscular build. Therefore, he needs a commercial dog food diet which is particularly framed for meeting his nutritional needs.

In order to select the best dog food for your Rottweiler, you first need to learn what his nutritional needs are. In this article, you will find some basic information about the nutritional needs of this dog and some of the best brands of the dog food for your Rottweiler.

Enjoy this video of two Rottweilers showing their love for food.

What Are The Best Toenail Clippers On The Market?

Using a nail clipper for trimming your dog’s nails is a difficult task. At times you also need to sedate your dog when trimming his nails. However, you can make this task easier by using proper technique and good quality toenail clippers.

But before buying the best nail clippers for your pet, you need to know some facts to make a well-versed buying decision. There are different kinds of nail clippers available in the market all serving different purposes. You need to get familiar with all these types and know the differences between them.

This article will help you make an unambiguous decision for getting the best toenail clippers after taking into consideration the reviews of different products available in the market.​

What Is The Best Dog Food For Beagles?

Selecting the BEST dog food out of so many options available is not an easy task for all dog owners. But if you have a beagle dog; you might need to pay special attention to this aspect. All because your dog is a ‘virtual eating machine’ that would eat up everything in one- go if given full freedom. So, you have to be very precise in getting the right for your beagle pup to ensure the well-being of your pet.