What Is The Best Dog Food For Beagles?

Selecting the BEST dog food out of so many options available is not an easy task for all dog owners. But if you have a beagle dog; you might need to pay special attention to this aspect. All because your dog is a ‘virtual eating machine’ that would eat up everything in one- go if given full freedom. So, you have to be very precise in getting the right for your beagle pup to ensure the well-being of your pet.

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This article will help you make a clear cut decision for choosing best dog food for beagles after taking into consideration pros and cons of various brands.

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The Definitive Dog Food Yardstick For Beagles:

Know Your Pet First

You need to know and understand your pet correctly before taking a move on! You are very lucky if you have a beagle dog because these little creatures are very friendly, playful, and mischievous and of course the best you can have. These dogs are more than just pets; they are the perfect family dogs!

Enjoy This Lovely Video Of A Babysitting Beagle

These dogs have a remarkable sense of smell. These little canines enjoy eating meals, and they can eat lots of food! You need to get the right amount of food for your pet according to his size and weight. Consulting your vet can help.

Proper Nutritional Requirements For A Beagle Dog

Now you know that your little hound has a great tendency to eat, but overeating is not at all a good idea because it brings a lot of problems for your dog.

Obesity and overweight are serious health issues which are highly undesirable, so dog food with proper nutritional elements must be chosen.

An average Beagle dog weighs around 23 lbs. The calorie requirements for such a dog are 1000 cal (for active dogs), 520 cals (for older dogs) and 650 cals (for a typical adult). Other than this, these active dogs need a lot of protein.

It is an essential nutrient which you cannot withhold in your dog’s diet. At least 40% of the protein is recommended for this breed. Other required nutrients are carbohydrates, Vitamins B9, E, and iron.

Major Health Issues With Beagle Dogs

Hypothyroidism (gaining excessive weight) and anemia are the biggest problems with beagles which are triggered mainly due to dietary imbalances?. So, look for the dog food containing following nutrients:

  • Vitamin E (for a shining and healthy skin and coat)
  • Vitamin B9 from stuff like pumpkin, eggs and carrots, Iron from fish, liver or beef (for anemia)

Characteristic Features Of A Good Dog Food

Preferably a good dog food must have following characteristics:

  • It must contain meat proteins as these are very necessary to keep your little canine active and healthy.
  • ‘Good fats’ are what your beagle desires! Go for chicken fats; because beagles love it.
  • The selected dog food must be rich in vitamins.
  • Fish oil is also healthy for your dog as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which ensure the upkeep of the skin and coat.
  • Do include fruits as well in the dog’s diet.

Benefits Of Good Dog Food For Beagle Health

A healthy dog food ensures that your pet remains in pink of its health and is least vulnerable to severe health disorders. Your pet remains active and playful and is full of zip every day if he consumes a healthy and good quality dog food diet.

Good quality dog foods can help to prevent skin allergies, keep weight under control and provide a continuous supply of nutrients to your dog.

How To Choose The Best Dog Food?

So, now you are to select the best dog food for your pet which is rich with all the required nutrients and is an epitome of a perfectly well-balanced meal. Consider the following points before picking up dog food for your beagle:

  • Select the right quantity and quality according to your pet’s weight and size. You may consult a vet before taking this decision.
  • Choose these dog foods if your beagle has issues with stomach and skin: Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food, Nutritional Supplements for Dogs Healthy Coat and Skin 140 Servings for Naturally Hydrated Skin & Coat Shine - by Natural Rapport.
  • GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats helps in maintaining proper oral care of your pet by reducing plaque and limiting tartar buildup.
  • Read the labels on dog foods carefully to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your dog.
  • Dog food should be of premium quality, and you should feed your pet at proper intervals to ensure that he doesn’t remain hungry.
  • Check all the ingredients considerably before buying to prevent any further problems like skin allergies and related issues.

There are various dog food brands available in the market. In this article, we will review best 5 of them for your pet. List of Best dog foods for Beagles are as follows:

  • ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Beagle Adult dry dog food
  • Orijen Adult Dog Food
  • Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Product Reviews

This product is very well designed for adult beagles that are above the age of 10-12 months. One of the most amazing features of this dog food is that it helps your Beagle to keep his weight under control.

All thanks to highly digestible protein content of this dog food. The dry food contains kibble which comes with special feature that encourages proper chewing of food by your pet.

This dog food also maintains a good bone and joint health in your beagle dog. You may also like to read the pros and cons of this product to make an unbiased decision.


  • A great weight controller! This dog food helps your beagle to maintain an ideal weight to avoid further health issues.
  • It helps to control food intake by your pet.
  • It ensures the upkeep of bone and joint health for your pet.
  • Your beagle starts to chew food properly…yes!! That is because of an Exclusive kibble shape that perfectly suits the requirements of your Beagle that has straight square-cut, medium-length muzzle (with level jaws). It ensures that food is being chewed instead of just galloping it in one-go.
  • It contains highly digestible protein.
  • Vets really recommend this brand.


  • Maybe it is expensive for some of you, but it’s surely worth that price.

I really appreciate this dog food because my own pet who had started gaining a lot of weight is now perfectly under control. My hungry Beagle loves this dog food!

Orijen is one of the top most dog food brands in the market these days. It is enriched with some of the best nutrients, exactly what your Beagle requires. It is a high-quality dog food that ensures good health for your pet.

This dog food has high-quality ingredients like meats and rich protein sources which are very important for an active Beagle dog. The following are the pros and cons of this dog food that will enable you to make an informed decision:


  • Beagles love this dog food for its amazing taste and healthy ingredients.
  • Top most quality ingredients like meat and protein are being listed in the top 10 ingredients of this dog food which is an exceptionally great thing.
  • It is just the right thing for a hungry and a weak Beagle dog.


  • It is pretty expensive and on an average, a 28.6lbs pack can feed your Beagle for about 2 months.
  • It contains PEA FIBER as one the protein alternates. But this ingredient is known to cause loose stools in some of the dogs.

This brand is one of the dog lover’s favorites but it is way too expensive for others!

This grain free dog food ensures that your Beagle has a well balanced and complete nutrition every day. I personally love this dog food for my beagle because it has all natural ingredients in store for my pet.

It contains no meat by-products, corn, soy or any other artificial additives. In fact their main focus to provide protein-rich diet to your dog with a combo of chicken and turkey is great.

Ingredients also include some healthy veggies which are enriched in vitamins and minerals. Study the pros and cons to get detailed information:


  • It’s totally grain free dog food.
  • It contains all natural ingredients.
  • Presence of veggies in this dog food makes it healthier.
  • It contains rich amount of proteins with a deadly combination of chicken and turkey…which your Beagle loves!


  • It contains a large amount of both white and sweet potato.
  • This potato had led to a yeast infection in one of my friend’s dog. That was his worst experience with this product. But you must consult your vet for your dog’s requirements!

Your beagle will love its taste because of the presence of all natural ingredients and yes of course because it is grain free!

Again Blue Buffalo ranks as one of the topmost rated dog food brands in the market. This product comes with grain free formula that is required for Beagles to improve digestion.

The dog food does not contain any artificial preservatives or added colors. These foods contain de-boned chicken and fish or lamb. It is specifically designed to meet higher energy needs of Beagles by providing good nutrition. Go through its pros and cons as mentioned below:


  • It contains high-quality proteins.
  • It also has good carbohydrate sources.
  • It has all natural ingredients


  • It’s a bit costlier as compared to other dog food brands.

I really do appreciate this product considering my own personal experience with this product. My Beagle loved this dog food when he was a little pup.

This premium quality dog food is made up of real roasted a meat… isn’t that a great feature? It also has fruits and veggies in its ingredient list. This grain free dog food supports your Beagle in all its life stages.

It ensures that your pet a strong immunity to fight against diseases. The most impressive feature that is my personal favorite is its antioxidant supply. Carefully examine the pros and cons of this dog food before making a buying decision:


  • It contains roasted lean bison and venison meat which is loved by our beloved pets.
  • It has natural ingredients like fruits and veggies which provide required vitamins and mineral content to your beagle that gives him a strong immune system.
  • Its natural antioxidant formula for protection is great.
  • It is grain free dog food and highly recommended for Beagles.


  • It contains tomato which is not liked by many dogs.
  • It is costlier.

This grain free brand is very popular among pet owner because of its antioxidant feature that provides extra immunity to their dog.


After a quick analysis of the above dog foods, I think ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Beagle Adult Dry Dog Food is a good choice for your Beagle. It is not much expensive when compared to other brands. Its exclusive kibble shape enables proper chewing of food by dog.

This is an amazing feature that perfectly matches up to the requirements of your dog. The most important ingredients that it contains are Chicken, chicken fat, natural flavors, vegetable oil, fish oil which stand up right to the requirements of your beagle.

I’ve been using this product for many years for my Beagle and this transition was a great help for my little canine as now his weight is under control. His fur has got that incredible shine and his sensitive stomach also loves this dog food. My vet recommended it and my Beagle loves it​!!


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