When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing? (Phenomenal growth rate that will amaze you)

Got a new German shepherd pup…? Snooping about its development pace? Eager to witness a full grown and well- muscled canine? Well, there can be other situations as well… Where you’re still not sure to buy those warm booties for your German shepherd because you fear that he will have a growth spurt in next few months.

Surely the phenomenal growth journey of your little pup will amaze you. And yeah, very soon you’ll be asking when German shepherds stop growing!! The expedition of a German shepherd from a one day puppy to an adult dog completes about in 3 years period. This journey can be divided into different stages.

This article will make apparent those stages of transition and answer all your questions relating to the growth of your German Shepherd​

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6 Stages Of Transition

A '10 day' Little Puppy

A small puppy who has just taken birth into this world remains inactive for almost ten days. During the early days, the puppy does not even open his eyes. At this tender stage, the puppy needs a lot of care and food to keep his tummy full in order to grow and develop.

10 Days - 3 Weeks Transition

During this stage, as the puppy opens his eyes he interacts with the environment and other people. He starts adapting himself to the surroundings. He starts observing things all around and he enjoys all kinds of sights, sounds, etc.

3 Weeks To 3 Months
The Most Critical Stage

At this stage, your pup remains very active and playful all the time. He enjoys learning new things, becoming social and interacting with the mates. You’ll find it amusing to watch an amazingly full of life pet.

3 Months To 6 Months
Your Pet Is Full Of Energy At This Stage

At this stage, your shepherd needs to get trained for the future as he now has matured and looks like a grown up dog. At about 5 months, your shepherd starts maturing sexually. He is always on the go and full of vibrant energy.

Adolescence Begins When He Crosses His 6th Month And Lasts For About 3 Years

The period of sexual maturity completes in about 24 months. By this time, the dog undergoes many hormonal changes and due to these hormonal fluctuations he can become very aggressive at times. He has developed his brain and your innocent friend is now vigilant and smart. The period of 18-24 months is marked as a period of physical maturity. At about 3 years he develops properly and stops growing further.

Watch This Video That Shows Growth Period From 8 - 19 Weeks Of A German Shepherds

He's A Well Grown And Muscular Adult Now

After 3 years, you have a courageous and strong companion whom you have trained with a lot of patience and maturity. According to Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) standards, male German shepherd (adult) gains 30kg to 40 kg of weight at adulthood and a height of about 60-65 cm and a female German shepherd (adult) grows about 55-60 cm and 22- 32 kg in weight.

Watch An Amazing Development Of German Shepherd From 5 Weeks To 2 Years

So, now you know that your German shepherd develops into an adult in a period of 36 months. The pace of growth may differ from dog to dog. Other factors that also affect growth of a dog are climate & altitude of the living place, exercise, training and also love & affection of the owner/trainer.

You may compare the growth rate by studying the growth rate charts which just indicates the average values. Study the German shepherd growth chart here

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For more details about German shepherd breed, read FCI standards here


The development stages of your German Shepherd are very crucial. He develops into an adult and stops growing after 3 years. All you need to do is:

  • Take Proper Care Of Your Pet.
  • Supply Him With Proper Nutrients During Growing Years. Click Here To Buy The Best Dog Food From An Online Store.
  • Train Him Well When He Starts Developing Physically And Mentally (18-24 Months).
  • They Love Exercising. You Can Ensure Their Fitness By Taking Them Outdoors Daily For A Brisk Walk.
  • Make Him Sucial And Interactive By Taking Him Outdoors.

If you have any further queries or problems, leave your question in the comments below. We will reply to your question in the best possible manner and try to clear all your doubts regarding the topic.


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