Why Do Chihuahuas Shake? (The reasons maybe astonishing)

Does your Chihuahua fret you by his shaking and shuddering movements? Are you always in a rush to take your Chihuahua to the vet? But there is no need to be apprehensive about Chihuahua's shaking because it is very common for a Chihuahua dog to shake and tremble. And yes, why do Chihuahuas shake has many possible explanations and that too very obvious and clear.

You might fear that it is some kind of a serious health disorder causing your dog to behave in such a manner. But don’t panic because it might just be a cold weather creating trouble for your dog. So, the reasons may totally astonish you and can even be contrary to your expectations.

I completely understand your concerns and also assure you that this article will help you comprehend your dog’s behavior and the required actions to make him normal.

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What Exactly Causes Chihuahuas To Shake And Tremble?

Excitement And Zest May Prompt Chihuahuas To Shake

Like your babies dance out in excitement, so does your little Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are a notorious and an energetic breed that when happy or really excited about something shake or tremble. There is nothing to be worried about this; rather it is hilarious to watch your little pet shaking out of excitement.

This kind of excitement may be aroused out of anything like his favorite dish, a walk, a car ride or his playtime. Little frenzied Chihuahuas will keep on moving to and fro, wiggle their little tails and shake until the reason of excitement is over. An over excited Chihuahua brings his full body into action and it is surely an amusing sight!

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Chihuahuas Quiver When They Are Anxious Or Terrified

Chihuahuas are small dogs and are often terrorized in some situations. Due to terror, they get anxious and shake unusually. Being a good owner, it is your responsibility to identify various threats to which your little pet is vulnerable.

Some of the possible intimidations can be your striking and ringing scolding, a sudden loud noise (for instance, a telephone ring or a door bell), loneliness, a visit to the vet or a big dog haunting him.

At times, a Chihuahua may not feel comfortable among strangers and starts shaking out of anxiety. Altogether, it takes time for him to adjust to the new environment. To reduce anxiety, you must make him exercise daily and motivate him mentally by making him social.

The Video By Chilly Fergie Shows How A Cute Chihuahua Is Shaking Terrified Of The Vet

Biting Cold Causes Your Dog To Tremble

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest and lightest dog breeds and they have very low fat in the body and little fur on the body. So, it is obvious for them to feel cold frequently. This causes a little creature to shiver badly and this is not at all normal.

The owner can easily detect the cause behind such kind of shivering as a sudden transition from warm room to a colder one may have triggered shivering. This trembling exhausts the little dog because of vigorous movements of muscles and he starts feeling warmer.

Proper steps should be taken to keep the dog warm and avoid this shivering. Keep the room temperature normal or set a space heater outside their crate.

You may also keep blankets and additional beddings for more warmth. A raincoat should be given in rainy season. Try to put on some clothing as well.

In winters, it is very important to keep Chihuahuas warm and cozy. Dressing them sweaters, hooded jackets and booties will be of a great help.

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Low Blood Sugar Levels Are A Misery For Chihuahuas

Hypoglycemia, commonly called low blood sugar is the most common trigger of shivering among Chihuahuas. You can identify if this is low blood sugar if your pet shows these symptoms- lack of energy, laziness, unmanageable shaking and shaking every morning.

Low blood sugar levels can be brought back to normal by spreading meals throughout the day, sugary meals intake, avoiding junks and exercising. If the problem persists, consult your vet.

Hypoglycemia is a dangerous situation and can cause seizures and even death of your pet, if overlooked!

Watch The Video "The Shaking Chihuahua Puppy By Dr. Greg Martinez Showing How A Chihuahua Puppy Shakes Uncontrollably Due To Low Blood Sugar And What Is To Be Done To Relax Him

Some Health Issues Maybe One Of The Reasons

Certain medical issues like kidney disease or ear infections or some kind of injuries might also cause sudden shaking in Chihuahuas.

Allergies Or Sensitivity To Somethings Must Be Checked

You need to keep a proper check on your pet for any allergic reactions. Some kind of food or nutritional supplements may cause allergies in the pet.

This can be easily tracked when he shakes after intake of a certain meal. A sudden shaking also points out to posing due to certain foods like chocolates or raisins.

Energetic Chihuahuas Quaver Out Of Briskness

Chihuahuas have high body metabolism which is the main reason for turning off body heat. This makes them over energetic and they start shaking out of their briskness.

So, just give them a chance to overspill their surplus energy to stop their shivering. There is nothing to worry about it because it is quite natural!

So now you know if this is not any of the above reason, then it is his high energy level that prompts him to shiver and shake.


Being an alert and responsible dog owner, it is your duty to keep a watchful record of your pet’s behavior. You have to track the triggers and take possible measures.

  • Most significantly, try to make your Chihuahua warm by trying the wide range of online products here
  • Make his crate warmer by adding on blankets and beddings and space heaters.
  • Try to move the dog outside the home and improve interaction.
  • If you have other queries or questions regarding your Chihuahua’s health, leave a comment below and we will provide the best possible solutions.

For any queries or questions, you can comment down below. We will get back to you with an appropriate solution.


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