Why Do Dogs Eat Cat’s Poop ? (The Disgusting Fact)

Of all the disgusting or repulsive habits of our canine friends; from drinking the toilet to licking their butts, nothing tops the terrible practice of consuming poop!!! As horrible as it seems to the dog owners, eating cat feces is pretty common for dogs.

You might have noticed that only some dogs eat the feces or poop of another dog or their own, but almost every dog in this world eats the cat's poop. Here I am trying to tell you that eating poop, specifically cat’s poop is the most common problem of dogs. So, if you notice your dog eating cat’s poop, you should not get nervous or worried about your dog and forcefully make your dog leave this habit.

The scientific name of this behavior of eating feces is known as Coprophagia, which can occur for due to a variety of reasons but of course it’s not at all desirable and healthy for your dog. You should find out the factors responsible for such behavior of your dog and deal with them accordingly.

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Factors Responsible For Your Dog Eating Cat’s Poop

Cats Are Hypercarnivores Animals

why do dogs eat cat poop

This is the most common reason for Coprophagia. Cats do not have the ability to digest certain compounds, specifically carbohydrates. Your dog can smell that partially digested thing and feels that the fecal matter is a great food item. The cat’s body is not able to utilize some nutrients, but your dog feels why waste such a food item. Your dog follows the “waste not, want not” rule.

Medical Issues

why do dogs eat cat poop

Your dog’s taste for poop might be triggered by some medical problem like pancreatic or intestinal issues. He might have diabetes, thyroid disease which can increase the appetite of your dog. In such a case you should take your pet to the vet immediately. Even if your vet cannot find a medical reason, it is possible that your dog has consumed parasites, coccidia, roundworms, giardia or whipworms. Ask your vet to test for these and suggest a deworming medication.

Inherited Behavior

why do dogs eat cat poop

Eating poop of cats or other animals, could be inherited or even a genetically programmed behavior. Wild canines sometimes eat poop when they can’t find prey. They can get some required vitamins or minerals in this way.

When your dog sees a cat poop, they can sense the same instinct, even if she is getting a well-balanced diet. Also, the domestic and wild mother dogs lick their pups to stimulate their bowel movements. After that, she eats the poop to keep her babies’ environment sanitary. Seeing it being done by their mother, some pups may develop coprophagia too.

Deoxycholic Acid

why do dogs eat cat poop

There is some evidence that high levels of deoxycholic acid present in feces may help with the dog's neurological development. A well-balanced diet can eliminate their dietary need for fecal matter.


why do dogs eat cat poop

Many studies have proven that when dogs are kept alone in basements or kennels, they are more likely to ingest the poop than those dogs that live with some people. Spending most of the time in small places can also cause this problem. It’s usual to see coprophagia in dogs that are rescued from the crowd.


why do dogs eat cat poop

Your dog may eat cat poop out of anxiety. He may become anxious with the smell of a cat’s poop or when he sees it. So, he can eat it to settle his anxiety.

A Deficient Diet

If your dog’s diet is deficient in nutrients or calories he might take the required calories by feasting on that disgusting stuff. Ensure giving him a proper well-balanced and sufficient amount of food so that his hunger is fully satisfied and he does not binge on cat’s poop.

You can also see a video which tells why dogs eat poop.

Some Facts

When it comes to puppies, coprophagia is considered to be a part of their exploring the world around them. Like human children, puppies also want to put everything in their mouths. Following are some other facts about why do dogs eat poop​

  • Coprophagia was more common in households having more dogs as their pets. In the households having one dog, only 20% of the dogs had this habit, while in the households having three dogs, 33 % of the dogs had this habit.
  • Female dogs are more likely to consume cat poop while males are less likely.
  • 90% of the poop eaters eat fresh stuff only, one or two days old.
  • 85% of the poop eaters do not eat their own poop, but only that of other animals.
  • Greedy dogs, who steal food from the tables, tend to be poop eaters too.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop?

Vitamin supplements: There has been long belief that dog eats poop because they are getting diets deficient in some vitamins. Studies have shown that vitamin B deficiency is the main cause of this habit. Scientists have shown that fecal microbial activity synthesized vitamin B.Some studies found other missing nutrients. You can buy some vitamin supplements from Amazon.com.

Enzyme supplements: Nowadays, canine diet is high in carbohydrates and low in proteins and fats. Some people give their dogs, a meat tenderizer that contains an enzyme called papain.

Taste-aversion products: The point here is that certain smells and tastes are disgusting to dogs just as the idea of eating poop is to us. Spraying certain things on poop will it make less tempting to your dog. Such substances include monosodium glutamate, pepper-plant derivatives, garlic, parsley, chamomile, and yucca.

There are also some training and environmental management methods that can stop your dog from eating cat poop.

  • Keep the area around the dog clean, in fact, your whole house, so that there are no poops for your dog to eat.
  • Those who have cats also should keep the litter box out of your dog’s reach.
  • Supervise your dog when you take him for walks and keep him away from such a litter.
  • Teach him commands like “leave it,” “come,” etc. and when he follows the command give him some treats. In this way, your dog will learn these commands and will run to you for tasty treats, instead of eating that litter stuff.


This undesirable behavior of eating cat poop is normal in dogs. Find out the factor responsible for such behavior and deal with it accordingly. If it is because of a medical issue, consult your vet. If it is a behavioral problem like attention-seeking or anxiety, then solve and teach him properly.

Remember, whatever the reason is, never punish or scold your dog for such behavior. You should try to understand that dogs are inquisitive animals and as a part of their exploring nature they put a lot of things in their mouth that might come their way. And, in return, if you punish or gave him a harsh treatment then his behavior might get worse. In no case should you, be doing that.​

I hope that by now you understand why your dog eats cat’s poop and what to do with it. Clarify your doubts by leaving them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!!!​


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