Ever Wonder Why Dogs Eat Rock? Know It Here

Dogs eat a bunch of strange things like rocks, dirt, another animal’s stool, clothes, etc. that makes no sense from our point of view. Of these rocks is the most eaten non-food item by dogs, which is becoming a cause of worry for most of the dog owners. You also must have seen your dog taking pleasure in chewing rocks. But you know, those things are strange for us, not for them.

Although difficult to understand, it’s quite normal for dogs, especially young ones. Anyways, normal or abnormal, eating rocks can be dangerous if ingested as this could lead to diarrhea, intestinal blockage, vomiting or even choking in his throat.

So in this article, you will get to know the reasons behind your dog eating rocks and how to deal with it. Watch this video to see how badly dogs love eating rocks.

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13 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Rock

There could be a number of reasons for your dog eating rocks that could be classified as medical or behavioral reasons. Here are some reasons due to which your dog might be eating rocks and what you can do about it.

Medical Reasons

There are many medical reasons behind this habit of your dog. These are as follows

Mineral Deficiency: Your dog might be deficient in some minerals like calcium, iron or phosphorus or he might be having some enzyme deficiency. You should take him to his vet who can test him for deficiencies and accordingly suggest you the best supplements to give.

Worms In His Stomach: Your dog could be having worms in his stomach due to which he is eating rocks. You should deworm him regularly even this is not the reason for his habit.

Your Dog Might Be In Pain Or Ill: This could also be a reason behind your eating rocks. You should get your dog checked for any illness or pain.

Pica: Your dog might be suffering from Pica. Pica is a mental health problem that compulsively causes animals and even people to indulge in non-food items. Acupressure, acupuncture. Homeopathy and some herbs have helped many dogs that suffer from pica. Your vet can diagnose this issue and will give you the tips for dealing with it.

Diabetes Mellitus: Your dog might be suffering from diabetes mellitus which again a means a trip to his vet to get him diagnosed with this problem.

Disorder Of Intestinal Tract: Disorder of intestinal tract could also be one of the major reasons for your dog enjoying eating rocks. Consider going to the vet for that.

Bloat: Your dog might be suffering from bloat which is a serious problem, and he may even die if it’s not treated. A hard and tight stomach is a sign of bloat. If your dog is having this symptom, visit the vet immediately.

Behavioral Reasons


why dogs eat rock

This reason is the easiest one to figure out. Your dog might be feeling lonely. Spend some more quality time with your dog, and you will see how the problem disappears.

Attention Seeking

why dogs eat rock

He may be trying to seek your attention by eating rocks. Like he may be saying,” look at me, I am eating rocks; you want me to stop doing this!!!” which obviously you want. So give him some attention when he is eating rocks as it might help.

Anxiety And Frustration

why dogs eat rock

These two emotional problems could be a reason for your dog indulging in rocks. You will be able to figure out easily that if he is eating rocks out of anxiety. If this is so, make your dog relax and calm down.


why dogs eat rock

Your dog might be bored and need some exercise. This problem could be fixed easily. Buy him some chew toys or take him for a walk.

How To Deal With Rock Eating Dogs?

  • For Medical Reasons: you should take your dog to a vet as he is the best person who can help you in this situation. He will diagnose your dog of any medical issue and guide you on how to deal with it.
  • But For Behavioral Reasons, What You Should Do?
  • First of all, don’t scold your dog for doing so because your dog doesn’t know that it’s a horrible thing to do. If he is anxious, your scolding might worsen the case. But if he wants to seek your attention, then your scolding may even solve the case. So deal accordingly.

    ​Always keep your dog leashed when you take him out in the open or for a walk so that you could stop him from eating dangerous and inappropriate things. If you have a backyard or a park in your house, then keep it free of rocks.

    ​Buy several chew toys for your dog and rotate them every day which will keep his interest and focused on appropriate food items. You can buy chewing toys for your dog from Amazon.com.

    ​Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.


So as your see that there could be many reasons for your dog eating rocks, it’s your task to check out which one is responsible for your dog. If your dog eats rocks, then your visit to his vet could tell you if he is suffering from some medical problem.

If he is suffering, your vet will suggest the treatment also, but if he is not suffering from any medical issue, then behavioral reasons would be responsible for your dog eating rocks. So deal with him as mentioned above like spend some more time with him, take him for walks, buy him some chew toys, etc.

I hope by now, you completely know that why do dogs eat rocks and how to deal with it. In case you still have any doubts, we will be happy to clarify them. You may leave your query in the comments section given below.


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