Ever Wonder Why Dogs Lick Each Other? Know It Here

Nothing can be cuter than a dog affectionately licking his doggy pal. Really, nothing. And every enthusiastic dog lover would find that sight blissful. But on the other hand, you must have wondered that why do dogs lick each other so much? The most popular and obvious conclusion that pops up in our mind is that it is a sign of affection and love. 

Have a look on this video and see dogs having fun while licking each other.

The body language and context of your dog are key factors in finding out his behavior. And while your dog licking another dog could be a loving and tender gesture, but that is only the one reason. There can be multiple reasons behind your dog licking another one. Let’s have a look at them.

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General Reasons For Their Licking

Their Way To Say “Hiiiiiii.”

According to The Arizona Humane Society, when a dog licks the other dog’s muzzle or mouth region, he could be trying to tell him a happy and an enthusiastic “hello.” So take it easy. It’s a quite good indication that the little ones are building good relations - for the time being, at least. It may also indicate that the licker one thinks that another dog is his superior. Therefore, he behaves in such a way.

why dogs lick each other

It Could Be Their Fun Time…!!!

When dogs lick each other, it could be a sign that they want to PLAY; it does not matter whether dogs are best buddies or they are seeing each other for the first time. The licking gesture, in this case, is often accompanied with a shaky or wiggly booty, front legs are bent, which signifies they are anxious to get involved in something really fun. 

However, sometimes the dog that is being licked is not in a good mood; then it is wise to separate them before that dog starts finding that licking annoying and becomes offensive.

Hunger Hunger Hunger!!!

why dogs lick each other

It’s a well-known fact that all the dogs’ lovers must know: dogs love eating. Since a dog is an active animal that runs, jumps, plays all day along. So it goes without saying that they get hungry more often. And licking a grown up dog is one of their ways of telling that they want some lip-smacking food. 

It's obvious that the big dog is not supposed to feed him, it’s your job as the little puppy may not essentially know that. Instinctively, the little one thinks that it’s the big dog’s job to feed him. This could also be the reason why sometimes dogs lick your face too.

I’m Very Sorry

Dogs are quite short-tempered, and they can easily get into a battle. So in case, your dog had a spat or some disagreement, the offending dog can say sorry to the other one with a gentle face-lick. Many times dogs offer an apology to the other one by licking around his muzzle and mouth. This is also true with humans. 

If you are upset with your pooch or he thinks so, then he confirms that he is still in your good books or not by licking your face. Although you should stop your dog from doing that, do not react harshly as you may confirm his doubt that you are upset with him and he needs to apologize.

Maternal Interactions.

why dogs lick each other

Licking could also be a sign of maternal interactions between a mother and her little one. Mother dogs often lick their babies to make their bodies pass stools or urinate as the young ones don’t have control over those processes, just like human babies. 

Licking between mother dogs and its little ones is also a sign of love and caring. And if a puppy licks his mother dog, it could mean that he is trying to grab her attention or saying hello. That’s cute…I guess. Sometimes a pup may lick his mother’s face because he wants a good meal.

For Indicating Submission - I Lose...!!

Dogs habitually display respect or submission in a number of ways to other people or dogs and licking on the face is just one of their probable methods by which they indicate submission. 

For instance, if there has been a good spat between two dogs, out of which one is a clear champion, and then the other dog may lick the mouth of that dog. By doing so, the “licker one” indicates that he does not want to fight and wants to make peace by accepting that the other dog is the conqueror. So his licking may be his way of indicating that he is entirely in a non-defensive and non-aggressive mood.

Reasons Behind The Dogs Licking Specific Parts Of Each Other

  • Ears: It would sound very yucky, but it’s possible that your lovely dog is licking the ears of another dog because he simply enjoys the taste of ear wax. He feels that it is yummy. He may be enjoying the saltiness of the ear wax or simply trying to explore them. Besides this, licking of ear could also be a sign of grooming.
  • Nose: Sometimes nose licking is a part of playtime of dogs. But sometimes it can result in a fight if the licking becomes aggressive and the one who is being licked is getting annoyed by it.
  • Body: Most of the times, dogs lick each other’s bodies. The reason after this is that they are trying to clean the body of the other dog which may have become dirty after playing.
why dogs lick each other

Now comes the question that: what should you do while your dog takes pleasure in his licking.

How To Respond

When you see your dog licking the other dog, it would be wise to not interfere, especially if that licking is because of affection and love between the two “love birds” or I better say “love dogs.” All you should do is sit back and take pleasure in the show of “canine romance.” Then you can call them and do a command session with them such as “sit” and “shake paws” to improve their relationship.

why dogs lick each other

Then try to understand what he wants to convey through his licking. as I already told above, there could be different possible meanings and intentions behind his licking. Like, if there has been a quarrel between the two dogs then the ”licker” must be trying to say sorry to the other one. If he is in a good mood, then he may want to play.

And if he has not eaten for a long time then he must want some food. You can get him some good and healthy food from amazon.com

But in case your dogs lick excessively and without any reason, then you should take him to his veterinarian. The reason being he may be suffering from a medical problem or a tumor and therefore requires immediate attention and treatment.


Licking of each other among dogs is their natural way of indicating something, so you should not act vigilantly when they do so. Dogs licking each other are not something to worry about. But yes, you need to develop that skill of understanding your dog’s intentions behind his licking so that you can deal accordingly. And as stated above do take your doggy to his vet if you find something abnormal with his licking

You can also watch this video, which explains why dogs lick:

  • In case you still have any doubts about your dogs licking each other, do ask us in the comments section below. Your doubts will be clarified as soon as possible. Thanks for reading…

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